About Us

About Us

Two people with a pioneering spirit, an oven and a bicycle – with these “ingredients” Barnhouse’s success story begins in 1979. In the kitchen of their Munich apartment, Neil Reen and Sina Nagl baked the world’s first organic crunchy muesli, which mostly reached the few organic shops in Munich by bike: Krunchy. Sheet for sheet with a daily output of 4 kg. Today you might call it a cool startup. At that time the two of them were not interested in business at all, but nothing less than making the world a better place.

In the first 10 years, Barnhouse has grown slowly, almost organically. The two young entrepreneurs have developed their business with great caution. After the flat came a cellar bakery in the Munich slaughterhouse quarter in 1981. From 1983, production began on the 1st floor above a carpenter’s workshop in Ismaning near Munich. Here the assortment grew immensely: In addition to Krunchy, muesli was mixed and soups, sauces, pudding, baby food, chocolate bars and much more were produced. All these items had never been available in organic quality before. Barnhouse was a true organic pioneer – until the rooms became too small and the assortment too large.


It was not until 1998 that the company took a giant step forward: the first building of its own, planned in-house and completely adapted to the needs of the modern Krunchy bakery. Since then you can find Barnhouse in Mühldorf am Inn, approx. 80 km east of Munich.

Today, the organic pioneer produces over 20 tons of Krunchys and other breakfast cereals daily in Mühldorf am Inn, Upper Bavaria – 100% organic, without additives and flavorings, in uncompromising quality. And with undiminished passion.

Everything you taste with Barnhouse products is genuine and real. Quality is our highest priority. Thanks to our concentration on Krunchy we have achieved real championship here (. . . we are now quite immodest. . . ). This is appreciated by our customers, who have made us the undisputed crunchy muesli market leader in German organic shops. But we do not rest and work on our product every day – and we have been doing so for 40 years now.