Barnhouse and Landscape Conservation

We firmly believe that organic foods and nature conservation are areas that should complement and inspire each other. To support this, Barnhouse has a long history of wildlife and nature conservation. Species who benefited from our funding of appropriate dwellings included bats and frogs.

In 2011, we collaborated with a local environmental protection group to launch an ambitious landscape protection project. In spring, Barnhouse funded the purchase of three massive water buffaloes who get a lot of enjoyment out of wallowing in muddy pools. This way, they provide an ideal habitat for numerous species of amphebians. It was even possible for the rare yellow-bellied toad to find a new home there. Furthermore, water buffaloes and Pinzgauer cattle ensure the extensive swamp area is kept free of trees. Please enjoy the nice photographs taken when the cattle arrived and following the birth of the first buffalo calf in August 2011.