The fruity one

Tasty, fluffy, fruity - with extra large and fluffy Krunchy clusters: Krunchy Strawberry.
100% organic!

The chocolaty ones

Small, thin bars of milk and dark chocolate are
stirred into the Krunchy batter and baked
in: this gives it a wonderfully 
chocolaty taste! 
100% organic!


Krunchy Pur

Alternatively sweetened with rice syrup.
Available in four delicious
flavours. We achieve the
subtle sweetness
with rice syrup.
 100% organic!

The family pack

Five lovely crunchy cereals at a special price.
Only one package size available
here - Saves you money!
100% organic!

raw material

Delicious Muesli!

Mr. Reen's choicest oat flakes, chopped spelt pops, and crispy puffed quinoa form the
basis of this delicious muesli. Quinoa is especially valued by sport enthusiasts
because of its high mineral content. All four types contain Minikrunchy(R) from
Krunchy Pure Oats: "Indian Summer," for example, with the finest late
summer fruits or the exotic "Dreams of Goa," with dates,
chocolate, cinnamon & cardamom.

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