Organic Manufacturers since 1979

A Bavarian girl and a young Englishman on a quest for happiness founded Barnhouse in 1979 during the natural foods movement. However, they were not able to put the idea of importing Crunchy (crunchy cereal) in addition to other organic foods from England into practice. The manufacturers over in England did not believe that they would be successful.

Krunchy with a "K"

"All the more reason!" Neil Reen said at the time and starting mixing his own crunchy cereal. Baking the product with organic ingredients was a completely new idea. At that time, Crunchy was only sold in England - and nowhere in the world was there a crunchy cereal made from organic ingredients. To differentiate their product, the pair named it Krunchy with a "K" and baked at home in a 30 year old oven for the first five organic shops in Munich.

1998: A momentous Year

Barnhouse grew slowly, almost organically. With a great deal of care, the two young entrepreneurs developed their business. A cellar bakery followed the apartment. They then produced their product on the first floor over a carpenter's shop. Not until 1998 did they make a huge step forward: they moved into their first own building, planned by themselves and fully meeting the requirements of the modern Krunchy baking company. These days, almost 20 varieties of crunchy cereals are baked in a three-shift operation in the idyllic town of Mühldorf am Inn in Upper Bavaria.

What's special at Barnhouse

100 % "organic" All Krunchys & cereals are made from 100% organic ingredients

No artifical additives

All their products are produced without artifical flavours, fragrances or enhancers. Without exception everything you taste in Barnhouse products is unadulterated and genuine. Focus on Krunchy: everyday we work on refining and fine tuning our product - Europe's first organic Krunchy - and we have been doing so now for 35 years. Our almost 65 employees are committed to and trained specifically for this product.

Pedigree Organic Company

Barnhouse develops and bakes Organic breakfast cereals, both for its own brand and private label brands. Throughout the entire Barnhouse business, only organic products are produced. In a place where there is nothing but organic to be found, then nothing can get mixed up either!

Barnhouse in Figures: 


Sina Nagl and Neil Reen founded Barnhouse in their home kitchen. Krunchy Honey was the first organic granola ever baked! The output was about 4 kg per hour. Delivered by bike to the then 5 Munich Health Food Shops.

1983 In order to operate on an exclusively organic basis, the team working around Sina Nagl and Neil Reen develops and produces a host of organic foods. Many of these products are pioneers in the organic market: Krunchy bars without sugar, "babys" - the first Demeter baby food manufactured in Germany, chocolate bars, Easter bunnies and Santa Clauses, yeast-free soups, burgers and convenience food mixes.
1998 Focus on the original product, "Krunchy". With Barnhouse´s own plant in Mühldorf am Inn (Bavaria), the world´s first "organic Krunchy factory" is born! The oven is now 20 m long. Eight employees.
2003 Expansion and lengthening of the baking line. Capacity is doubled.
2005 The new warehouse is commissioned. Now there are a total of 2,100 storage positions. Nagl and Reen invest a million Euros in the warehouse and various optimizations of the Krunchy baking factory.
2006 The Barnhouse Krunchy bakers are baking round the clock, five days a week. For his crunchy cereal "Krunchy Pure Oats", Mr. Reen receives the industry award for "Fast Seller of the Year" at the BioFach trade exhibition. This makes Krunchy Pure Oats the most successful new product of 2006.
2008 The New "Krunchy World" is christened. Krunchy's neighbour, Byodo Naturkost, moves so Barnhouse can combine the building with the existing production facility and use it for packing and storage. The Krunchy area has therefore doubled once again and there is now more space for ingredients and finished products
2011 Our business with organic Krunchy-Muesli is booming. More buildings and technology have been added. Over 20 sorts of organic crunchy muesli are baked on two 40 m long baking lines, around the clock, five days a week. The number of employees has grown to 50. But one thing never changed: Sina and Neil´s love for good, wholesome and natural products. Therefore Barnhouse is still only producing organic food. 100% organic!
2012 Barnhouse presents the Krunchy Bar! There is now also "Krunchy to go". At it's launch there are two varieties: Chocolate, and Cranberry and Strawberry.
2013 Barnhouse once again demonstrates innovation, launching the new series "Amaranth Krunchy" onto the organic market. Amaranth Krunchy is the first organic muesli, which is only sweetened with fruit and baked with sunflower oil. In this way Barnhouse is fulfilling the wishes of many customers who would like these alternative ingredients. For its launch this new series is available in two varieties.
In addition Barnhouse is expanding its selection of bars with three further varieties. There's never before been so many new products at once.
The number of employees has risen to 62.
2014 Barnhouse is celebrating its 35 year anniversary - and is thanking its customers with a large Loyalty Campaign , with great gifts such as the new Krunchy bowl. At the BioFach Fair Barnhouse will be presenting "Krunchy 'n' Flakes" a new range of products, which will be available in stores from March.